Month: April 2012

Tuning up for a BlackBerry Jam

ORLANDO The sun always seems that much brighter in Florida, where developers, business leaders, media types and mobile moguls are converging for a RIM double-bill this week: the BlackBerry 10 Jam and BlackBerry World conferences. Not that there’ll be any time (well, not much) to swan about in the turquoise waters of the hotel pool. Between RIM CEO Thorsten Heins’s keynote Tuesday and a full slate of Jam sessions led by Developer Relations VP Alec Saunders’s team, attendees will have plenty of good excuses to stay inside. Needless to say, it’s beginning to look a lot like Waterloo Region...

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Elevating the e-commerce experience:'s Ali Asaria

On April 2, Torontonians awoke to a North American first awaiting them in an underground concourse downtown: a virtual store launched by online health-and beauty retailer As curious commuters encountered the store on their way to work, Ali Asaria,’s CEO, stood back to take in their reactions. As they began to smile, so did he. The experiment, in which walls were plastered with images of store shelves stocked with common household items, allowed shoppers to use their phones to scan products for purchase and next-day delivery to their homes. As traffic to’s four-year-old site soared, it...

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HYPERDRIVE for startups has what it takes. Do you?

  There are no doubt plenty of startup programs out there. What makes Hyperdrive different? We care a great deal about your success. We’re not about herding startups through a three-month sprint and waving goodbye when it’s over. We’re just as dedicated as you are to the success of your team, your business, and all the players we bring to the table to help execute your vision. 15 years That’s how long Communitech has been in the business of fostering entrepreneurship. Long before startup culture became a trend, entrepreneurship was at our core, and it has been since Day 1. The...

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A Startup Sales Necessity: the Elevator Pitch

Back in early 2010 Steve Gruber did a blog around developing an “elevator pitch” and its importance when you are a startup.  I think having a short, concise and simple to understand elevator pitch is an absolute necessity to any company and even more so if you are a startup.  Why?  Most people will only give you a few seconds of their time to hear you out and if your description is too long, too technical or too confusing, they are done and so are you. While doing some research on this topic, I came across a great tool that can be used by any entrepreneur to help build their elevator pitch and wanted to share it with you. The tool, called the “HBS Elevator Pitch Builder” was designed at Harvard Business School and provides an entrepreneur with an easy to use mechanism to craft a solid elevator pitch. I have outlined the 4 key points below for you. Remember, you are looking to keep it simple, concise, impactful and memorable. 1. Describe you or your business – this is the “who” you are component. The best bet here is to keep it short and sweet. Using VA Partners as an example, “Hi, my name is Steve Gruber. I am co-founder of Venture Accelerator Partners and am passionate about helping Canadian companies grow their business.” 2. Outline “what” you do at a...

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HYPERDRIVE: How it works

If you’re a start up, it’s time to buckle up! Communitech’s Hyperdrive program is a place for Canadian tech startups to experience a new innovative avenue to scale their businesses faster and achieve market success. If you’re a breakout performer, we’re more than happy to put $700K in your hands, backed by our $30M program. We are focused on building early-stage tech startups from “Seed to Series A” VC funded companies. Our program features leading investors, world-class mentors, international soft landings, and full lifecycle support. We’re about enabling more Canadian-growth tech companies to launch and succeed. Once admitted into the program,...

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