Month: December 2016

A first look at Canon Canada's new headquarters

Canon Canada recently cut the ribbon on its new head office at 8000 Mississauga Rd., in Brampton, Ont., and invited Communitech News to tour the facility. They showed off some of their lesser-known products — like medical imaging, professional printing, projectors and cinema equipment — in a new 5,000 square foot interactive showroom. “The design and development of the new Canadian headquarters reflect the hallmarks of all Canon products,” said Mr. Ted Egawa, President & CEO of Canon Canada at the grand opening. “Simplicity, quality, functionality, integration of glass and light, environmentally-conscious and innovation.” Designed with sustainability in mind,...

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M-Theory: The (steep) human price of progress

When societal and business change is conceived, it’s impossible to know or consider all of its possible consequences. Moreover, the possibility and potential presented by change is intoxicating, so future consequences are rarely on our minds. Once change gains steam, it’s impossible to fully course correct or retroactively plan for now-known consequences. There are usually some skeptics and voices of reason. But it’s hard to hear them over how loudly money can talk. I suspect one’s reaction to this piece by Om Malik – he writes that Silicon Valley is missing the empathy gene – depends on how long or how...

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In Position: Opportunity and challenge for 2017

By Julie Garner and Craig Robinson It has been a year in politics that has inspired, excited and confounded.  We sit here on the eve of 2017 with a Canadian economy at a point of inflection, a neighbour to the south going through a major transition and an apparently growing global appetite for protectionism: #build the wall, #brexit. For companies in the Communitech ecosystem, however, the future looks bright and partly sunny. Canadian decision makers of all stripes understand the importance of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor and are coming to grips with what it will take to make the potential...

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Encircle: The app that made the insurance industry fall in love

Some marriages are made in heaven. Some are made in Communitech’s home at the Tannery. This would be a story about the latter. But first cue up the happy couple: Encircle, the little tech startup with a big idea, and Northbridge Insurance, which just happened to take a shine to Encircle’s big idea. Oh, and let’s not forget the FairVentures innovation lab, Northbridge’s corporate sibling and something of a happy brother-in-law for this blessed union. Encircle’s CEO, Paul Donald, set out with his team 4½ years ago to reinvent the insurance business, developing an app that leveraged a mobile...

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The Nimble Hippo: Charting a path for 2017

Over the past year, we have introduced you to the Nimble Hippo. He is our representation of what an agile, nimble, and innovative organization looks like. Nimble Hippos are big, they are smart, they are curious and they ask great questions. They partner where they can. And, finally, they are cool. The most innovative companies in the world express these five traits across their organization and tend to be very successful because of them. The Nimble Hippo has taken you through the process of innovation in large organizations. He has talked about open innovation and how to engage with...

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