Month: December 2017

M-Theory: St. Nick and the Christmas tech crisis

’Twas days before Christmas, when all through downtown. A commotion was brewing, and rumours swirled ’round. Tech firms had partied and toasted good cheer, And prepared to wind down at the end of the year. But as they were pouring that last glass of ’nog, They started to notice that something was wrong. Websites stopped working; code wouldn’t compile, No e-commerce transactions rang through for a while. Everything had gone missing, an enormous heist. The victims? The naughty, but also the nice. Dozr – no ’dozers, and Kiite couldn’t fly. Axonify – no axons. Bartesian ran dry. Alas, Plum...

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QMC selects eleven-X as wireless network partner

WATERLOO, ON – CANADA | November 30, 2017 – eleven-X Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power network, is pleased to announce that QMC, Canada’s leader in submetering, has selected eleven-X to be their wireless network partner to reinvent the Smart Water Meter market. QMC will launch its Smart Water Metering solution in early 2018, which will be the first time a metering services company will use a public LoRaWAN network in Canada. In Canada, and many other parts of the world, Smart Metering solutions use proprietary networks and technologies that can be unreliable and, because they are built for only that single application rather than being publicly available for multiple applications, they can also be very expensive. QMC set out to solve this problem, launching a turnkey end-to-end solution utilizing the eleven-x public LoRaWAN network, the only coast-to-coast low power network enabling customers to deploy their solutions across Canada. Key to the successful development and launch of QMC’s Smart Metering Solution is the eleven-X LoRaWAN Interface Design [LiD] module. The LiD module provides the ability for eleven-X partners and customers to retrofit un-networked devices and turn them into a Smart device connected to the eleven-X public LoRaWAN network. The LiD module is a hardware and software solution that includes significant enhancements for security and ease of use in addition to its connectivity capabilities. In...

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Sociavore launches new website builder and guest management platform

Kitchener, Ontario (Dec 19, 2017) – Sociavore, a company enabling restaurants to better their guests’ online experience, today announced the launch of its new website builder and guest management platform that will further transform online guest experiences. Developed exclusively for restaurants, the new multi-tier product is an evolution of Sociavore’s full-serve product offering and can support restaurants of all sizes and stages from startup restaurants to multi-concept restaurant groups. The new product is the result of the unique insights acquired from working intimately with over 100 restaurant clients since 2013, all focused on creating a product that would enable restaurants to grow revenue through their online guest experiences. “A restaurant’s website experience is the new front door for restaurants. If you can’t convey your guest experience online, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another opportunity to do so, ” said Sociavore’s CEO, Thusenth Dhavaloganathan. “You can quickly find yourself paying multiple interloping parties between you and the guest. Up until now, the cost, skillset, and time required to pull together a great restaurant experience online was very high, so we built a set of tools to bring it all together effectively and put it in reach for all restaurants.” The new website platform allows restaurants to easily build a fully-customized, professional restaurant website in minutes through the use of expertly crafted themes, simple drag and drop tools, smart...

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M-Theory: On net neutrality, the medium is part of the message

The prospect of the repeal of net neutrality in the U.S. is terrifying, and its effects would be felt well north of the 49th parallel (globally, really). There’s been plenty of news coverage, running the gamut of rhetorical skill, knowledge proficiency, and political agenda. If some small good can come from this debacle, it’s that some of the coverage provides an interesting and educational look at how to address, engage, and educate an audience. None of the examples that follow are from pro-repeal writers. Because honestly. Of course, we need some good ’ol clickbait, so let’s start with this...

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We Built This – Encircle: Insurance claims, simplified

Encircle is a cloud-based app that bridges the gap between the traditional brick-and-mortar insurance companies and their policyholders through automation and modern visual communication tools to process claims faster. By utilizing a mobile phone’s camera and allowing all parties to track the progress of claims in real time, Encircle eliminates bureaucracy, boosts trust and enhances the overall experience for both insurers and customers. Paul Donald, Encircle’s CEO and co-founder, envisions multiple future applications of the platform beyond insurance, in industries including engineering, construction and hospitality. Read more about the company on Communitech News or visit the company...

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