Author: Craig Daniels

BDC debugs gender gap with $50M for women in tech

As serendipitous messaging goes on the issue of women in tech, it’s hard to improve on the collision of events that unfolded Wednesday in Waterloo Region. Earlier in the day, BDC Capital, the investment arm of the Business Development Bank of Canada, announced that it’s injecting $50 million into women-led technology firms as part of its effort to support women entrepreneurs. Just hours later, the Princess Cinema in Waterloo and the Zonta Film Festival jointly hosted a showing of the feature documentary Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, which examines the reasons behind the dearth of women and girls choosing computer science as...

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A culture of transparency: tech's lingua franca

In the early days of the Internet, while working as reporter for a legacy newspaper, I emailed a couple questions to dot-com multimillionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. I was astonished when, seconds later, he replied. The next day, intrigued by Cuban’s response, I sent an email to then-NBA commissioner David Stern. Stern, as would be expected of the leader of a multibillion-dollar sports enterprise, was notoriously difficult to get hold of by telephone. Minutes later, he answered. Hey, I’m onto something, I recall thinking. Two stories in two days with just two emails. What I was onto,...

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Waterloop demo dazzles as UW students set out to transform travel

Heralded by the sound of compressed air releasing, followed by a whir, and then a staccato drumming of onboard motors, let the record show that at precisely 1930 hours on Nov. 1, 2016, a group of ambitious University of Waterloo students made history. That was when their six-foot-long metal frame bearing hoses, controllers, an air bottle and sundry other technological wizardry, levitated – yes, levitated – from terra firma and glided on a cushion of air along a short test track set up at University of Waterloo’s Federation Hall. Accompanied by applause and expressions of astonishment from the 100...

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Intellijoint Surgical lands $11 million in Series A funding

Waterloo-based Intellijoint Surgical Inc. is the latest proof that startups don’t necessarily have to leave home to raise money. The medical technology company today announced the completion of an Cdn$11-million Series A funding round led by private investors from the Toronto-Waterloo tech corridor. “One of the important things to note here is we have been able to raise all of the funds in Canada,” Armen Bakirtzian, the startup’s co-founder and CEO, told the Waterloo Region Record. “I think it shows the tremendous support we have in our ecosystem, and in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor. I think they are putting their...

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To infinity and beyond: High-flying Sortable sets out to save media

You’ve climbed aboard a startup rocket and ridden it into orbit and back. Didn’t blow up on lift-off. Didn’t burn up on re-entry. So what do you do for an encore? Well, you climb right back in and you go to Mars. Welcome to Sortable, the Waterloo Region-based digital ad optimization powerhouse that’s taken the advertising world by storm and is even now provisioning for a more ambitious sequel. In less than two years, Sortable has grown from three people and whole lot of question marks into a company with more than 50 employees and an expected $50 million...

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