Author: Rob Douglas

The Funder's Side: Angel investor Diane Wolfenden on thinking big

As a charter member of the Golden Triangle Angel Network, Diane Wolfenden is a well-respected and visible member of the local investment community. We sat down with Wolfenden to get her thoughts on how the startup landscape has changed over the last several years, and how she approaches a deal. Changes in the angel landscape Wolfenden became a GTAN angel shortly after the 2008 financial crisis because she says GTAN offered her an opportunity to diversify her investments and give back to local startups and help them grow. Most venture capital had dried up and angels were stepping in...

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Early-stage startup valuations: More art than science

It’s the inevitable and most pressing question when an early-stage startup pitches for investment. What is your company’s valuation? Angels agree this is not a number you can or should come up with on your own. To put it in perspective, the Golden Triangle Angel Network recently asked more than 200 angels to give the most likely reason they wouldn’t invest in a startup. Half of the angels who responded said, “Companies [who] have overstated their valuations.” To shed some light on valuations, I asked two experienced angels to offer their advice. Steve Gilpin is a well-known GTAN angel...

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