Author: Ryan McCartney

Banknotes: How to win investors and access capital Preparation and transparency are the keys to unlocking funds

So your startup is looking for cash and you’ve got a meeting with a banker or investor. You’re probably hoping they’re going to say yes to the money that very afternoon, but in the back of your mind you’re additionally wondering what the banker is going to ask of you. You’re wondering what you should reveal and which cards you should keep close to your vest. At the end of the day, you’re wondering how you make the impression that entices them to pull out their wallet. You’re wondering how you get them to “Show me the money.” I...

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Banknotes: Debt vs. equity. Finding the right money for your company

The psyche of a startup founder when it comes to financing is an interesting … mess. On one hand, you need money to validate your product-market fit, get prototype to market, make key hires, and grow like a weed. One the other hand, you want to keep as much of the pie as you can, not be unduly restricted in making future decisions and reduce personal exposure. You want to make sure you’re taking smart money for the stage of growth you’re at. So, what’s the best financing option for your company? Sometimes it feels like the “colour” of...

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Banknotes: A new column delivering financing help for tech startups

Remember that time you showed up to meet a banker, thinking that plan you’d scribbled on the back of a napkin was the next best thing since Facebook, and the banking rep sat there in their steamed shirt and tie looking at you like you’d just arrived from Mars? Money can be hard. Money for a new tech startup can be particularly hard: How are you going to fund your venture? Should you seek debt or equity? Is one form of money more expensive than the other? What is the true cost of capital, including opportunity cost? What is...

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