Author: Tenille Bonoguore

Government support for innovation behind many iconic technologies

Pop quiz: What’s the connection between Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, fracking, big pharma and Neil Armstrong? Answer: They can all trace their major successes back to government. Through direct investment, initial research, tax breaks and other measures, governments around the world have long been catalysts of innovation. But the state’s role in groundbreaking advancements – from GPS to space travel to biotechnology – remains largely unknown, its success stories untold. And that, says leading economist Mariana Mazzucato, will wind up hurting us all. Mazzucato’s book The Entrepreneurial State details 50 groundbreaking innovations rooted in state-sponsored research or funding, including...

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Fibernetics launches venture service; invests $1.9M in Plasticity

Photo: Plasticity co-founders Jim and Jennifer Moss (left, centre) with Fibernetics co-founder John Stix, whose Cambridge-based company has started a venture service to support startups. Let’s call it the startup entrepreneur’s enigma: If you do your job well, one day you might end up not doing it at all. That feisty thrill of launching a business can disappear as startup energy gives way to the processes needed to keep everything afloat. Or, if you are Fibernetics co-founders Jody Schnarr and John Stix, you can get your bootstrapping thrills vicariously. The pair have launched Fibernetics Ventures, and have just made their first...

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