Author: Anthony Reinhart

I Think Security: the QI to file protection

WATERLOO Cedric Jeannot has squeezed the past five years of his life – not to mention a good chunk of his future – into a wafer-thin device less than half the size of his thumb.   It’s called the QI (pronounced ‘key’), and while it looks small, Jeannot’s invention is poised to bring big changes to the way we approach digital security.   “It’s huge,” Jeannot says of the potential of the QI, the flagship product of I Think Security, the startup he founded at Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre last year.   The QI is just that – a key that can connect to any computer or mobile phone, enabling users to encrypt, decrypt and share files, regardless of their location, within a virtual security bubble. Nothing is stored on the QI itself, which is simply plugged into the computer or phone and activated with a password.   With obvious appeal to sectors that handle sensitive information – finance, legal, auditing and government, to name a few – the QI works on top of a company’s existing systems, requires no tech support and can be deployed across a company’s multiple locations. Jeannot also foresees a large consumer market, given the increasingly digital nature of modern life.   “The concept is ‘security in your hands’,” Jeannot says. “That’s your device that you’re going to use for all your security.”   Jeannot,...

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Eyes in the sky: Aeryon fortunes set to soar on Scout’s ease of use

It was an unusually frank confession from a police officer, and probably the best product advice Dave Kroetsch and his partners could have received. “That’s cool,” the cop said of the concept behind Aeryon Labs’ flying surveillance robot, “but we’re not that bright, we’ve got fat fingers and we break things.” Kroetsch and company heard the officer loud and clear. As a result, when their Aeryon Scout flew off the drawing board and into the sky in 2009, it quickly gained market altitude as its capabilities became known throughout military, law enforcement and commercial circles. “We’re very much leading...

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High tech, low tech, no tech: Spreading the startup message in Montreal

MONTREAL As you might expect, there’s no shortage of technology on Alexandra Pier in the Old Port of Montreal this week, where hundreds have converged for the International Startup Festival. Flat-panel displays update constantly with new information and photos uploaded by participants, laptops glow from cocktail tables and wifi is everywhere, if a little laggy at times. More surprising are the low-fi but effective methods some attendees have employed to catch the eye of potential investors roaming the floor of the cavernous Iberville Passenger Terminal. Members of the tech-obsessed Communitech team, here to broaden our network, check out Montreal’s burgeoning startup scene and see what we might bring back from a stellar list of presenters, have certainly taken notice of all the guerrilla marketing. It starts on the pier itself outside, where someone has scrawled “Have you been Cheek’d?” in white chalk on the asphalt. It continues inside, where a woman with a Cheek’d tattoo on her arm sports a T-shirt that says “Are you following me?” on the back, and a decidedly old-school paper poster for Cheek’d is taped to a wall outside the washrooms, complete with tear-off information tabs. Cheek’d, if you haven’t just looked it up, is a novel online dating site where a user can post a profile, then hand out cards to people they meet and would like to get to know better. The...

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Finding answers to the Waterloo ‘why?’

We’ve all heard the question: Why Waterloo Region? We hear it from our big-city neighbours an hour to the east, whose sky-high vantage point often obscures what’s happening on the ground directly beneath them. We hear it from Silicon Valley, whose bloggers take pity on us for being “stuck in Waterloo,” as though we would all come and join them if we only could. Not so long ago, we even heard it from ourselves, but mostly we hear it from people who have not yet bothered to come here and see for themselves. When they do, it rarely takes...

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