What home does a piece of art have in this age of Instagram galleries, disappearing Snapchat pics and gigabytes of digital storage?

That is the question Nik Harron put to me last week as we discussed the art scene in our community over a coffee.

“When you have a seemingly endless supply of beauty at your fingertips,” Harron asked, “what is your motivation for buying a single piece and hanging it in your home?”

As we spoke, I thought of my own home and what artwork I had. I own two pieces by artists I know. Both are sitting in spots where I long ago made plans to hang them — but haven’t yet.

Harron is one of the artist members of the Art District Gallery in downtown Kitchener. The Art District Gallery works to help emerging artists from the community exhibit and sell their work.

Because the gallery is an artist-run not-for-profit, most of the revenue from sales goes directly to the artists.

It is an innovative approach in a community that prides itself on its entrepreneurialism and innovative talent. The Art District Gallery also strives to help make Kitchener’s city centre a place where people can immerse themselves in art.

The Art District Gallery occupies space provided at a generous discount in the Kitchener Market. Unfortunately for the gallery, a tenant signed on to take the space. The gallery needs to find a new home.

“Our landlord has been great,” Harron added. “They have really helped us over the last year.”

The team from the Art District Gallery is searching for new space. “Clear walls are key,” Harron said.

The artists need 1,000-1,500 square feet at street level in the downtown core. If you know of a good space, contact the Art District Gallery chair Jax Rula at visit@artdistrictgallery.org.

Harron and the Art District Gallery won’t let a little thing such as the lack of a permanent space stop them. Look out for pop-up showings around downtown Kitchener.

During this weekend’s TD Kitchener Blues Festival, the Art District Gallery is hosting Art District Gallery Paints the Blues. Located in the Berlin Tower ARTSPACE at Kitchener City Hall, the exhibit features work from eleven artists in the region, including Harron.

There is an opening reception Thursday, Aug. 4, 5-7 p.m.

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There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues, but I see and hear that . . .The 2016 TD Kitchener Blues Festival kicks off Thursday, Aug. 4 with performances by Eric Burdon and The AnimalsFoghatEric and the Agitators. The festival runs Thursday, Aug. 4 to Sunday, Aug. 7 . . . The Dog Haus hosts another of its Dog Days of Summer events Aug. 3, with a free movie in Civic Centre Park (between Centre In the Square and the Kitchener Public Library). The event begins at 8 p.m. with a walk to tire out the dogs and the movie to follow at sundown . . . You can do the time warp again with JM Drama’s production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, on stage at The Registry Theatre (122 Fredrick St, Kitchener) Aug. 4-6 and Aug. 11-13.

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