This week on Nimble Hippo Radio, we talk to Amanda Lang, host of Bloomberg North.

Lang talks to the Nimble Hippo about the fear large companies have of the rapid disruption happening all around them, and how — despite commonly cited examples of companies like Uber & Airbnb disrupting existing business — big companies might need to worry more about being disintermediated by hundreds of smaller firms.

Lang shares insights about Canadian companies expanding to bigger markets, and looks at what big companies can learn from start-ups, emphasizing that big companies will never — and should never — be a start-up. They should be a Nimble Hippo: big, curious, nimble, smart and cool.

Happy listening.

(Watch the clip mentioned in this episode, where host Craig Haney chats with Amanda Lang on Bloomberg TV, here:…cking-innovation/)

About The Author

Craig Haney
Director, Corporate Innovation, Communitech

Craig is leading the charge for corporate innovation in Canada. His work with Canadian Tire Innovations helped launch the LeanLab project at Communitech, helping large, non-tech companies become faster and more innovative by engaging with startups. As Director of Corporate Innovation at Communitech, his focus is to grow the ecosystem by exposing small companies to big problems they can solve for some of Canada’s largest players. Craig has an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technonogy (MBET) from the University of Waterloo.