Nimble Hippo Radio met with Scott Bedbury, the CEO of Brandstream and the mind behind many famous American brands.

Bedbury was Nike Advertising Director from 1987-94, giving the world the “Just Do It” campaign one of the most iconic of all time. He also served as Starbucks’ Chief Marketing Officer during its formative years (1995-98), leading the team that brought the “third place” to millions of coffee drinkers.

Hear his advice for promoting the brave and building a culture that takes risks (governed by rules), the importance of people — particularly storytellers — to your organization, and why the key to a killer corporate innovation strategy is chemistry.

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About The Author

Phil Froklage
Digital Journalist/Multimedia Producer

Phil Froklage is a writer, filmmaker and journalist in Waterloo Region obsessed with the future. Passionate about science and technology — and how it shapes our world — Phil likes nothing more than being surprised by the amazing things human beings can do.