It’s all about going back to school for the Business and Education Partnership (BEP) Speakers Bureau. And we promise you’ll make the grade.

The BEP’s Speakers Bureau has spent the last 12 years educating and inspiring students in our community about career choices and education paths in order to enhance their career development.

Educators can invite businesses from our community into the classroom. “Professionals join the class, share their educational journey and contribute realistic expectations regarding their careers,” says Rosalie Reeves from Sir John A. Macdonald S.S. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring real life into the classroom and students participate in the open forum session as they interact with the speakers.”

Not only does this program benefit students but it also provides local businesses with the opportunity to engage the next generation of employees, promote their industry and encourage talent to stay in the region.

Interested in speaking? Sign up to be a volunteer today – there are no pop quiz’s in the registration process.