I’m extremely excited to present to you first episode of the new podcast I’m co-hosting, Nimble Hippo Radio.

Over the past few months, this column has shared insights about corporate innovation, dug in to what startups and big companies can learn from each other and so far the uptake has been phenomenal.

Today, we’re launching Nimble Hippo Radio to share the stories, insights and lessons of innovation leaders from around the world on strategies to help global brands think like startups and innovate in today’s rapidly-changing technological landscape.

In true agile fashion, this is an experiment. As with any experiment, we want your feedback to make the podcast more relevant to you. Please share what you want to see, what you don’t, and most important, the topics you want to hear about and people you want to hear from. There is no shortage of opportunities to help large organizations become faster and more nimble, and we want leading thinkers and doers to share their expertise with you.

Please sit back and enjoy the first instalment in our Nimble Hippo Radio series, sort of a teaser of some of the big themes to come: advice thought leaders at our recent Intrapreneurship Conference would give to the CEOs for Fortune 500 companies today.