Photo: Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and high school students enjoyed the Apps4Learning launch party hosted by the BEP at the Accelerator Centre on June 2.

The Business and Education Partnership (BEP) has piloted the Apps4learning program this year to great success.

Apps4Learning is designed to encourage not only secondary students, but also elementary students to start and continue to take technology courses in high school. This way, students are introduced to the possibility of a career in technology.

What is really cool is that secondary students have the opportunity to develop mobile education smartphone applications for elementary students.  All grade levels create learning opportunities that are collaborative, project-based and focused on real-world outcomes. The elementary students are the “clients” and subject matter experts for the secondary students.

This year, students from both the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and the Waterloo Region District School Board worked on apps with local tech company LiveApp to create the apps and BlackBerry10 DevAlpha devices as the main mobile device.

On June 2, the BEP hosted the launch party for the WCDSB at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo. The elementary and high school students enjoyed the experience and learning opportunity.

“When I first met the high school students I felt shy and confused, but when I got into it more I felt better.  I remember that we just got put into our groups and we were excited.  When we went to the high school the last time we played the apps on BlackBerrys.  It was really fun,” said an elementary student.

“I enjoyed this project as it was a learning experience testing knowledge and creativity,” explained a high school student at the event.

The launch party with the WRDSB is Wednesday, June 11, and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from them!