Jim Estill is a lifelong tech entrepreneur who made his name as an early board member and advisor at BlackBerry. He’s witnessed decades of disruptive innovation, and now spends his time sharing stories from the front lines to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. In late September, he came to Communitech to deliver a presentation called “Sales Secrets with Jim Estill,” and an edited version of that presentation is this episode of The Communitech Podcast. His goals for the talk were to help his audience create a productive and efficient sales team (and keep them inspired), run better sales meetings, and manage remote sales teams with a replicable sales model: an ambitious agenda for just two hours. We hope it’s useful to you.

If you haven’t 2 hours for the podcast, our short edition this time is just 6:30: an interview I conducted with Jim here at Communitech. We talked about his background, his advice for early-stage entrepreneurs, and how the unexpected twists and turns of his career eventually made his business.

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Phil Froklage
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