With all the technology buzzing about in the region, it’s no wonder that video game creation is just one of its many facets. This week’s Tuesday #TechHour explores reasons why gaming is something even non-tech enthusiasts can appreciate.

Joining host Eric Drozd in studio is Jon Richardson, creator of Robot Monster Productions. Jon has combined his love of English literature and gaming in a first-of-its kind Richardson decided this is the perfect time in his life for him to work at a project: This Is Not a Test, an interactive RPG for iOS with striking illustrations, what he calls “interactive fiction for the digital age,” essentially a choose your own adventure fiction novel in game form. Richardson explains his opportunity to take time away from his full-time position at Desire2Learn, coding the game himself with no formal training, and the support he’s gained from the gaming community locally and internationally.

Jonathan Fritz is a Developer at EA Games in Kitchener who has been writing code in and around Waterloo Region since graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours degree in Computer Science and a Minor in History in 2010. Fritz discusses the talent Waterloo Region lends to the gaming industry.

Andrew Matlock is CEO of Industry Corporation, a “technology and multimedia umbrella for several ventures and subsidiaries across the entertainment and innovation spectrums.” Andrew discusses the strides Industry Corp has made in tech and gaming in the region and what the future holds for the eight-year-old company.

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