Just as Waterloo Region is internationally known as a hub for technically inclined entrepreneurs, there is also a fast-growing group of people connecting through creative enterprise. Along with craft and hobby enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are Makers: people who love to simply hack and tinker to create things on their own. In Waterloo Region there are a number of makerspaces for all ages, including Kwartzlab and THEMUSEUM’s MakerClub.


Jason Hawreliak is an assistant professor at Brock University’s Centre for Digital Humanities. Steven Quilley is an associate professor of Environmental and Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo. Jason and Steve are working together on a study about Makers. Part of what they’re trying to do is get a sense of the local Making community by running a series of Maker workshops. They’ve run two out of four so far, with the next workshop running Nov. 15-16. For more info, check out the workshops here.


The DIY and maker ethic is about finding new uses for the things we have as well as repairing things that break. It’s about creating the self-sufficiency and confidence needed to try to make or fix what our minds imagine. Cam Turner is the Engineering Director at Desire2Learn and the founder of MakerClub. The MakerClub runs monthly meetings out of THEMUSEUM with projects kids can participate in with adult supervision using things like power tools, 3D printers and clay.


Stephanie Rozek studied electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo and holds a diploma in audio recording technology from the Institute of Audio Recording Technology. She is a social/tech innovator, singer, composer and marketer in Waterloo Region who devotes a lot of her time volunteering for social ventures, technology innovation and women in tech. She has recently been named on of Waterloo Region’s 40 under 40 and Oktoberfest’s Women of the Year Entrepreneur Award 2014.


Rozek is also the founder of Hackademy, a social innovation venture teaching coding and technology literacy through face-to-face learning and community mentorship. The Hackademy team is committed to providing an open and welcoming environment for all, particularly those groups who have traditionally faced barriers in entering technical fields. Hackademy is running four intro to JavaScript courses for children and youth across Waterloo Region this November.

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