It’s January. That means one thing: New Year’s resolutions.

Here at the Communitech Hub we aren’t interested in resolutions to begin the year. What we really want to know is, how do you want to END 2013?

Naturally, we asked around the Hub. The answers varied, but it’s clear that we have an ambitious and energetic group of people under our roof. Here are some favourites:

Will Pwn 4 Food








“We want to end 2013 with over 50, 000 games played.” – the Will Pwn 4 Food team









“I can’t wait to get my hands on a new BlackBerry in 2013.” – Matt Davidson, Senior Analyst, Communitech









“My goal is to have our volunteer application be in schools (both high schools and universities).” –  Popy Dimoulas-Graham, Founder, Charity Republic












“By the end of 2013, I hope to have become a full-time TitanFile employee, and have transformed our blog into a leading source of information for all things pertaining to online privacy, data security, collaboration and compliance.”- Emily Barnes, Community Manager, TitanFile









“We want to end 2013 with a strong consumer engagement in the Encircle ecosystem.” – the Encircle team

So, we want to know –  how do you want to end 2013?

About The Author

Kayleigh Platz

Kayleigh Platz is a storyteller and community relations manager for Communitech. Born, raised and schooled in Waterloo Region, she holds two degrees from the University of Waterloo and is interested in new media, social networks and making connections.