TiEQuest is an annual business venture competition held in Toronto to encourage  entrepreneurship, engage emerging entrepreneurial talent and to create an ecosystem  of entrepreneurship. The mission of TiEQuest is to connect entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts with the private equity and venture capital industry. Many aspiring  entrepreneurs today don’t know where to start. TiEQuest provides them with the tools  to develop a promising business venture, and a competition judged by venture capitalists  to give them a forum and a link to the experts in the industry.

Highlights of this program:

• Over $150,000 in prizes and an opportunity to win up to $1,000,000 investment from sponsoring funds
• Mentoring to all contestants from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders
• Opportunity to present to, network with and be judged by fund managers, angel investors and venture capitalists
• Multi-stage competition which encourages contestants to challenge their business model and success factors

Follow this link for more details or to apply: http://www.tiequest.org/default


About The Author

Angela Larraguibel
Program Manager, Startup Services Group