Get There, a program from the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) is as simple as the name: qualify a group of the best tech startups in Canada and get them to Silicon Valley to find customers and investors.

I was lucky enough to be invited to join the first cohort if I promised to bring my camera, and what I saw there changed how I think about Canadian entrepreneurs on the global stage.

Right now, the Mayors of Toronto and Waterloo Region are in Silicon Valley, touting the corridor as the best place in the world for tech companies to do business. Their argument? Canadian social values make our innovation ecosystems great.

I think they’re right. Canadian social values make this place an uniquely fertile environment for growing a business. But Canadian entrepreneurs carry those social values with them when they travel abroad. As I saw in the Valley, it remains a massive source of competitive advantage.

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Phil Froklage
Digital Journalist/Multimedia Producer

Phil Froklage is a writer, filmmaker and journalist in Waterloo Region obsessed with the future. Passionate about science and technology — and how it shapes our world — Phil likes nothing more than being surprised by the amazing things human beings can do.