Matt Williams, founder of The Mealtab Company, has big plans for lunch. And for good reason. With the $5,000 startup capital he just won through the Canon Get Started program, his company is poised to change the way we do our midday meals at work.

Behind every new and innovative product there are typically two questions. The first one comes from the inventor himself, when he asks, “How can I make this better?” If answered successfully, it inevitably leads to the second question, this time from the consumer “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So when Matt asked how he could make bringing his lunch to work better, he answered it successfully and created Mealtab. A slim, stylish, and BPA-free lunch container, Mealtab is designed to make packing and carrying your lunches easier every day. Beyond the convenience of its slim style, this modern lunchbox serves those looking to slim their waistlines and their wallets.

Already in talks with a local manufacturer to produce, Matt is looking to get Mealtab onto shelves and online without compromising quality. Which is why he plans to put his recently acquired $5,000 startup capital directly into the costs of manufacturing.

Here’s what he has to say about the win, “The Canon Get Started program will definitely give us that boost to bring our product to market sooner. We’re really excited about getting our product in the hands of our customers. With its design and our meal planning tools, Mealtab offers a time and money-saving solution for those looking to eat well week after week.”

You can keep up with The Mealtab Company’s story at And to discover how your own business could win $5,000 startup capital, click the link below and let us know how Canon can help you Get Started.

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