ONTARIO, Sept 21, 2013 – As cloud data and documentation storage services become the new standard and with concerns over consumer security higher than ever, Waterloo’s I Think Security has come up with the solution and is testing it on Kickstarter.

The Qi4BOX™ or Qi [pronounced: kee] for short is a simple and powerful device that secures all types of Dropbox™ files removing fears of identification and personal data theft.

Launched on September 17th, the company’s campaign is heating up; already reaching close to 20% of their $30,000 goal.

Aimed at the consumer market, the Qi is a secure token that runs on top of Dropbox and allows users to send encrypted photos, word documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s and more, allowing the rights of their documents to remain theirs.

The product uses a two-factor authentication, military grade encryption (each file is encrypted with a unique encryption key using the AES-256 algorithm – US Department of Defense approved), proprietary patent-pending key management and anti-forensics technology to provide bulletproof security while focusing on ease of use for the end consumer.

“Applications such as Dropbox™ that allow consumers to backup and share all types of files with friends, colleagues and family are increasing in popularity for their ease of use, however personal protection in the cloud is still the main concern for consumers. Total consumer loss from identity theft and fraud is on track to top $21 billion in 2013 alone,” states to Dr. Jeannot, CEO and Founder of I Think Security. “The Qi4BOX™ provides the user with a bulletproof security solution that is easy to use.”

I Think Security’s Kickstarter campaign runs until November 1st, 2013 and the company will allocate the funds to start production of the product.

To learn more about I Think Security’s Kickstarter campaign, or to back this initiative, visit: www.qi4box.com

About I Think Security:
Qi4Box™ is a product of I Think Security Ltd., an award-winning Waterloo, ON, Canada, technology startup founded in 2010 by Dr. Cedric Jeannot, a leading expert in cryptology and data security.
Focused on document security and tracking, its solutions which include cloud security, mobile security and secure communications make both enterprise and consumer data more controllable, more secure, and easier to use.

For further information:
Toni Laurentino
I Think Security
519.489.0665 / tlaurentino@ithinksecurity.com

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