Meet Alireza Dibaienia, Arman Samimi, and Ashkan Soheili of PrimaGate Inc. — creative entrepreneurs who are out to disrupt the emerging smart home industry. With the $5,000 start-up capital they’ve won through the Canon Get Started program, PrimaGate is determined to make costly home automation and security more affordable and accessible.

PrimaGate’s founders recognized that exorbitant costs are the main barrier to smart home technology for the average homeowner. Contracts, monthly fees, and the added cost of changes and customizations bring these systems even further out of most homeowners’ reach.

As an innovative solution, PrimaGate eliminates the middleman and brings a substantial cost reduction by designing and installing its own system. In addition, by using open standards, customers will have a choice of third-party smart devices, as opposed to being locked into competitors’ proprietary software.

PrimaGate’s initial customers will be home, condo, and townhouse builders and renovators in the greater Vancouver area. Looking ahead, the company intends to scale up to the rest of Canada and North America. PrimaGate will spend the $5,000 on buying more equipment with which to further test compatibility across a range of smart devices. Some funds will also go toward the purchase of a server and administrative costs.

The PrimaGate team is grateful for the boost, “We feel very privileged to have won the Canon Get Started fund. This grant will surely help us in bringing our unique solution for affordable yet cutting-edge smart home technology to the market.”

Be sure to keep an eye on PrimaGate’s progress. To see how your own business could win $5,000 in start-up capital, tell us how Canon can help you Get Started.