Welcome to another edition of the Communitech Grow Factor Links We Love blog. We hope this short week has been just as productive as a regular one. Whether you felt like it flew by or dragged on, here’s some news and tips we think your midsize to large business should know.

This week we love:

Google outranks Apple for top spot in global brand ranking. Microsoft, IBM, and McDonald’s make the top 5. Read the story in The Globe and Mail.

Cathy Benko, Vice Chairman and Managing Principal of Deloitte LLP, works with leaders across multiple industries and has noticed a struggle to keep top talent as companied trend toward a mobile, global workforce. She offers 5 ways to prevent your top recruits from jumping ship in this Fast Company article.

Should philanthropy be an inaugural part of your business? Here’s a founder’s guide to charitable giving (money or otherwise) by Liz Welch for Inc. Magazine.

The concept of taking an entrepreneurial approach to innovation to revive larger, already established corporations is nothing new. Michael L. Tushman is a professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and director of Boston’s Change Logic. Tushman explains the best way to be “ambidextrous in business”, and why Silicon Valley rules don’t work for so many older companies in his Harvard Business Review blog.

Considering expanding internationally? Some top national experts offer their tips for successful expansion in this HSBC Global Connections video.