The Venture Service Group at Communitech is always looking for ways to improve our connection to the entrepreneurial community.  And, let’s face it, we’re geeks that like cool technology.  So, with the support of one of our startup companies; True Voice Technologies, we are trialing a new way for you to talk to us directly over the Internet.

True Voice was recently recognized as one of Canada’s hottest innovative companies by being selected by the Canadian Innovation Exchange as one of the 2011 CIX Top 20 (  They have  created a direct voice connection technology using Flash called “Talk-2-me”.  If you have a computer or tablet that is flash enabled, just click on the “Talk-2-me” icon on the Venture Services contact us screen, and you’ll be connected to the telephone of our very own Maggi Jones, our Client Services Coordinator.  You’ll be able to talk to her directly if she’s at her desk (although most likely she’s out talking to amazing new start-ups or playing in a brass band when nobody’s looking).

Talk-2-me is the easiest possible way to connect to a telephone through a computer interface…a single click is all it takes, and there are no connection or long-distance charges.

If you want to learn more about Communitech and the Venture Services Group, and you have a flash-enabled device, give it a try.  Of course you can use plain old telephone if you wish, or email us too.  We want to hear from you.

To learn more about Communitech, visit  Talk-2-me is created by TrueVoice Technologies Inc.  To learn more about this company, visit

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