For the past 10 years, Communitech has run the most exciting technology-based conference in Canada, the Tech Leadership Conference (TLC).  What started out as a regionally-focused conference focused on tech success and startup growth has grown into an internationally known event with speakers and participants coming to Waterloo Region from around the world.

The 2017 edition of TLC is different. Not only is TLC still the ‘go-to’ conference for those interested in seeing technology leaders like Patty McCord, Ali Asaria, and Jamie Woodruff, there is an entire new day added to the front end of this important event. For the first time, Communitech is hosting a series of Basecamp workshops designed to provide an intensive experiential learning environment.  

These sessions are designed for leaders in the mid-sized and large organizations who are conscious of the challenges presented by emerging technologies, changing markets, and the new cultural expectations of new and younger employees. Here are a few examples of our workshops:

Driving an Innovation Culture

Led by renowned cultural expert Nancy Buck (her podcast can be heard here), Nancy and Louise Merlihan will take participants through the ingredients that are required for a culture that fosters creativity and innovation, but also how to put those ingredients together to sustain that culture and drive real business results from it.

Who should attend: Senior HR leaders, team leaders, innovation leaders.

What the day will look like: AGENDA

Problem Summit using Design Thinking

Have you ever seen a solution that is looking for a problem to solve? This happens all the time in business and technology, and there is a simple way to eliminate that wasteful, and potentially company-destroying, practice … focus on the problem first. Dave Inglis and Jeff Mitchell will be hosting a great session that will help participants understand how Design Thinking can help focus your team to solve the problems that are worth solving.

Who should attend: Innovation leaders, product owners, intrapreneur

What the day will look like: AGENDA

Becoming a Nimble Hippo

No longer are channels, regulation, and long-standing patents a strong strategy to be successful in the market. Big companies need to be nimble and agile so they can respond to changing customer demands and market shifts.  Craig Haney will take participants through how to become a Nimble Hippo by staying big, being smart, being curious, partnering, and acting cool.

Who should attend: Senior leaders in mid-sized and large organizations, HR leaders, innovation leaders.

What the day will look like: AGENDA

Mark Connolly will also lead a workshop on Design Sprints and Brian Moelich will lead a session on ideation and prototyping.  

Often we go to conferences and we are inspired and motivated, but we don’t know how to leverage the information we just received. The 2017 edition of TLC will provide not only the inspiration, but also the tools needed to go back to the office and apply these frameworks.

You can get tickets for the Basecamps and Tech Leadership Conference here. The event is only four weeks away so get your tickets soon before you miss out on your chance to have an unfair advantage over your competition.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Go to Tech Leadership and participate in a workshop.
  2. Tell your team about it and bring your friends.


About The Author

Craig Haney
Director, Corporate Innovation, Communitech

Craig is leading the charge for corporate innovation in Canada. His work with Canadian Tire Innovations helped launch the LeanLab project at Communitech, helping large, non-tech companies become faster and more innovative by engaging with startups. As Director of Corporate Innovation at Communitech, his focus is to grow the ecosystem by exposing small companies to big problems they can solve for some of Canada’s largest players. Craig has an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technonogy (MBET) from the University of Waterloo.