With summer sadly winding to a close, many of us will shift our focus back to school and work and paying attention to the federal election. The election has now been going strong since early August and several news items from the campaign and its progress have hit the headlines, but the real news is yet to come.

Faye Roberts

Faye Roberts, Scout Public Affairs

Political campaigns are run with the intent of gaining momentum and ‘peaking at the right time.’ Similar to Olympic athletes, each political party wants to deliver its best performance when it matters. The summer is spent campaigning at summer events and festivals, making initial announcements and diffusing issues ahead of the fall.

In September, we can expect to see bigger and more impactful news announcements from each party as they jostle for position to earn our votes. While the campaign has been underway for a month, most of us won’t tune in until September, which is when most Canadians will be gathering data to help decide how to cast their votes.

With that in mind, many organizations have planned forums and meetings in the coming weeks to help people meet their local candidates and have a chance to talk through those issues that are top of mind.

The Record has shared a list of candidate forums in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Have a look at the list and while we savour the last week of the summer, make some plans to connect with the local candidates to inform your decision on Oct. 19.

Photo: Sunset over Lake Siutghiol, Mamaia, Romania by Gabriel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0